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Happy New Year 2016! Welcome to the wonderful world of Umrk Media. Jump in the way-back mystery machine and relive some of the groovy things that made the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies a magical time for those of us who grew up then. The music, the radio stations, the television shows, the fashions, the characters, the actors,  the comedians. the musicians, and the color & imagination that was essential to that unique period in history.  Time traveling through the sound of music into the world of tomorrow is now entirely possible. All it takes are a set of headphones, one computer with an internet connection (sorry no dial up allowed), a comfortable chair, a few choice cuts of music, your favorite drink from the Tiki bar, an optional soft incandescent light and off you go. Fire up a color- tini and listen to the magical pictures fly through the air.

If you are feeling just the slightest bit of nostalgia in the vibes you've come to the right place. It's fun, it's retro, it's kitschy.  We mean chock full of pixelley wholesome goodness. The kind made with real sugar. We never use artificial sweeteners, additives or corn syrup.  By now you've noticed it's all 100% certified free. Never a cover charge and it's always ladies night. Like Wow!   If you have any hair we want you to let it down and feel the sunshine in Aquarius. Ya dig Chuck? You too Chick? 

Your site and show host is Reverend Greg for the music, radio shows, podcasts and all the happenings that go on here.  In the event you, by some freak of nature happen to miss a live show fear not. Our team of audio engineers are on call twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year to bring you all the podcasts and archived shows. In fact if you look at the links above you'll see a new feature. A place where we have painstakingly restored some old shows exhumed from the vault for your listening pleasure. You can choose to listen from a list of previously aired shows with more being added weekly. If you have any questions please ask one of our flight attendants for assistance. Customer service with first class amenities are always a priority. Please take the time to observe where the fire exits are located in case of an emergency and recline your seat to a maximum comfort position.

paul mccartney umrk web radioIt's classic in the truest sense of the word. It's all brought to you in space age stereo technology with living color, commercial free and without interruption of your imagination.  There are live shows, an interactive chat room, requests, and unlimited virtual beverages. So turn off your mind, relax and float downstream. You'll be glad you did and we are too. Don't forget to turn the night light on and the Lite Brite off if you are the last one here. Hippies never have to use the side entrance. All of our graphics and web design are made in house. Our food is prepped daily by the finest culinary artists recruited from Bobs Big Boy and we do our own music production. We have color TV by RCA and are fully air conditioned for your comfort.

We also encourage you to check out some of the cool links to other groovy sites that are posted here. Miss Pam's Go Retro blog and facebook pages are a most excellent choice when it comes to reliving pop culture's past. Hotel accommodations are provided by the ultra modern DiLido Hotel and Convention Center in beautiful sunny Miami Beach, Florida. Just remember the DiLido without that second "i" just isn't the same.  Ground transportation provided by the always reliable Fugazi Limo and car service with more than twelve convenient locations throughout the tri-state area. If you're early for your own funeral you'll know it's Fugazi.

Meet our staff. Our evening guest services coordinator is Miss Muriel Fingerdoo. She has just returned to us at the start of 2016 after a short hiatus in the Netherlands. She also handles all of the PR and food and beverage services for events and shows.  Our in- house consigliere and attorney is Rube Shellhorn handling all the legal day to day goings on. Bates heads up personnel.

Don't forget to check out our Facebook Radio page.  Updated daily with new and exciting things!  Memberships and secret handshakes are required however you must send a request for entrance and recite the Captain Video Ranger Pledge by memory. Our staff works around the clock so don't delay. Order within the next 40 seconds and qualify for a free gift. Operators are standing by. Batteries not included. Shipping and handling is additional. We're practically GIVING it away!  Umrk Media. Set it and forget it!

While you're at it stop by Rev Greg's wedding page if you are tying the knot or know someone who is!  


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